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The Demon Dragon of Fire Dragon Mountain (火竜山の魔竜, karyū-zan no maryū) is the tenth episode in the 1990 anime series.


Parn is able to temporarily halt Shooting Star's rampage but in his recklessness burns his hands. Afterwards Shadam informs the group of the dragon's path, a back entrance into Fire Dragon Mountain. He goes on to tell about the three lances possessed by Myrii, the god of war, which can kill the dragon. Parn is allowed to tag along but warned about his recklessness. Meanwhile Ashram's group enters the mountain and retrieves the scepter, alerting Shooting Star who rushes back to stop him. Deedlit and Pirotess detect each other and the two groups engage each other. The skirmish is broken up when Shooting Star returns. Ashram is saved from Shooting Star by Pirotess who nearly falls to her death but is in turned saved by Ashram. While a spy obtains the scepter on Wagnard's behalf Orson manages to stab the dragon with the first lance. The dragon writhes in pain causing the cavern to start to collapse, and Kashue leads Parn to stab the dragon with the final two lances with the aid of Deedlit's magic. Pirotess once again saves Ashram from Shooting Star's fire breath before collapsing exhausted in his arms. Ashram finally reciprocates her feelings for him as the platform they are on collapses, an image that stays with Parn as the group exit.


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  1. credited as Kazuhiro Soeda