Lodoss, The Burning Continent (灼熱の大地, shakunetsu no lodoss") is the thirteenth episode in the 1990 anime series.


Parn reaches the bottom and is surprised to see the still alive Ashram struggling against Wagnard as Deedlit slowly loses her life. Topside, Kashue's soldiers are also struggling against creatures that are being continually resurrected by Narse. Wort implores Karla to intervene to protect Lodoss but Karla refuses to act. As Wagnard is distracted by Parn, Ashram strikes the evil wizard down and then turns to face off against Parn. Ashram defeats Parn and is about to finish him when suddenly Wagnard, still alive, grabs him and violently strangles him. Ashram runs Wagnard through delivering a mortal wound before collapsing coughing up blood. Knowing he won't be able to live to control Kardis, in his last act Wagnard destroys the scepter. Parn takes Ashram's Demon Sword and together with King Fahn's Holy sword is able to break the magical hold Kardis has over Deedlit. Mycen finally defeats Narse, destroying the undead monsters on the ground. With the evil forces defeated, Lodoss celebrates. In Valis, Parn is presented with a new sword from King Kashue and promises to meet again before riding off with Deedlit.