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Cave of the Sealed (封印の洞窟, fūin no dōkutsu) is the first episode of the Legend of Crystania: The Chaos Ring television series. The episode was aired on 21 November 1996.


A long time ago a great war broke out between the Gods of Darkness and the Gods of Light. To wage their battle the Gods of Darkness released hundreds of fierce beasts—the dragon lords— evil creatures specifically created to destroy the Gods of Light. During this time of chaos the neutral gods escaped, fleeing to the land to the south. There they sealed their spirits into the bodies of animals, thus becoming the animal gods. This act established a sacred world. A world sealed away from all else. A world ruled by its own cycle. The world of Crystania.

 Some time after the defeat of Barbas at Dayton Castle dark clouds have begun to linger above the Berudia region. Barbas' former henchmen Garudi, Muha and Brasto head towards Dayton Castle. They gather around Barbas' body, Ashram, in the throne room and witness how the Demon Sword is forced out of the body. Barbas' voice is heard, saying “until the tolling of the Bell is heard my soul must sleep. I will awaken when the god-killing one awakes.

 Elsewhere in Crystania Obier and Raifan are still travelling Crystania in hopes of finding Aderishia. They temporarily stayed at a couple's (Lilia and Barr) home where Raifan recovered from an injury. In the Berudia region Sheru has been living in a secluded shrine with the Chaos Ring. She has been having disturbing dreams involving Ashram, Emperor Beld and Barbas and she has been sensing Barbas. Garudi has managed to track her down and demands she hands him the Chaos Ring, but Sheru refuses and makes a risky escape by jumping in the River of Chaos.

 Redon, Nasare and Kwairde have settled down in a village in Crystania where they meet an Old Woman and two twins, Irim and Kirim. The Old Woman, a fortuneteller, gives Redon the cryptic advice to be careful of his dreams and that when he arrives at his destination he is going to be attacked by himself. That evening the village gets attacked by a Basilisk, a creature not native to Crystania. Redon and his friends, with help from Irim and Kirim, defeat the beast. A defeated Protector of the Seal appears and tells everyone the seal had come undone. Redon asks the Old Woman if Aderishia is still alive. The Old Woman explains she is "sealed", which means you're neither alive nor dead and that there is no point in searching for her. The group points out the Basilisk's seal had come undone so there is still hope for Aderishia too. The next morning they set out to find the Cave of the Sealed, where Aderishia is. Irim and Kirim tag along.

Nasare attacks the Basilisk

 Matisse of the Fang of the Animal has snuck inside Dayton Castle and observes Muha and Brasto trying to resurrect Barbas, but without success. Inside the World of Chaos Ashram is repeatedly struck and beheaded by Barbas, who has taken the image of Emperor Beld, as a way to suppress Ashram's soul. Sheru, with the Chaos Ring, has survived the River of Chaos. She realizes both Ashram and Barbas are in the World of Chaos, and neither are truly dead.

Sheru threatens Yoof to help her use the Chaos Ring.

 Sheru has arrived in the Butterfly Town where she is trying to get access to the World of Chaos, but gets no help initially. She forces Yoof, one of the towns Chaos Ring users, to take her to the World of Chaos. Yoof warns her of the dangers, but Sheru insists and the two depart. Sheru struggles and Yoof is forced to take her back to the real world. There, they learn that the village is under attack by Garudi, who is on a mission to destroy all Chaos Rings.

 On their journey Redon and his group meet the Protector of the Seal again. A tornado emerges which takes away Irim. Redon manages to save Irim and the group wants to continue their journey to save Aderishia. The Protector of the Seal recognizes the name, but says he doesn't know her. The Protector surmises Redon must be the outsiders and the people Obier and Raifan talked about. He then sets out to the Cave of the Sealed. Boakes and Jenoba of the Fang of the Animal had joined with Redon and they stress Redon he can never temper with the Seal as it has maintained Crystania for a very long time. Suddenly the group hears the sound of a bell in the distance.

 Raifan has managed to find her way into the Cave of the Sealed, where she finds a sealed Aderishia and Sir Rome next to her.


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