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Parn’s Decision is the second episode of Blazing Devil and the second episode of the first book in the Blazing Devil manga series.


Ifrit's explosive entrance has left Deedlit lying on the floor, unable to move. Ifrit releases one of his fiery attacks, killing several of Kashue's soldiers instantly. The remaining soldiers rush to Kashue's defense, but don't really know how to deal with Ifrit's fire attacks. While the battle ensues, salamanders also appear.[1]

Parn grabs a sword from one of the fallen soldiers and rushes to Deedlit's aid, but as he strikes his sword against an incoming fire attack, the sword instantly melts away. A salamander attacks the now defenseless Parn, but Deedlit summons Undine to defeat it.[2] At that moment Kashue throws an enchanted greatsword to Parn and Parn uses it to strike Ifrit, who recognizes the power of the sword and then leaves.[3]

Following the battle Deedlit is taken to rest. Kashue tells Parn they should leave Flaim the next morning, now that they know the sorcerer is not Karla. Parn asks Kashue if he still intends to fight the Flame tribe after witnessing the power of Ifrit. Kashue says he must protect those precious to him even if he has to risk his life, just like Parn did against Ifrit when he rushed to Deedlit's aid.[4]

Meanwhile, morale is high in the Flame tribe and Nardia is set to make another move against the Tribe of Storm. As she encourages her followers Azumo summons Ifrit behind her for a powerful display of force and the people begin chanting Nardia's name. Later, Azumo tells Nardia he believes summoning Ifrit at that moment ensured the loyalty of their followers. Loyalty to the Tribe leader is absolute power; a power that controls all people, believes Azumo. Azumo suggests Nardia wants to acquire all of Lodoss, but Nardia explains she wants to find fertile land where her people can live happily.[5]

At Akroyd castle Parn has decided to stay in Flaim and help Kashue defeat Ifrit.[6]

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