The Scepter of Domination (支配の王錫, shihai no ō shaku) is the ninth episode in the 1990 anime series.


Marmo is in chaos, and Lord Ashram is now the ruler. Wagnard demands a high elf sacrifice to call forth Kardis' power so he sends Pirotess to acquire one, which worries Karla. Wagnard tells Ashram that having the Demon Sword means he rules Marmo but by having the Scepter of Domination rules all Lodoss, but it is located in Fire Dragon Mountain. It's dragon, Shooting Star, is terrorising the local villages forcing Kashue to lead a small army to battle against the dragon. Parn is depressed following Ghim and Fahn's deaths, the disappearance of Woodchuck and being refused by Kashue to join his quest for being too reckless. Pirotess tries to kidnap Deedlit, but Parn with the help of Shiris and Orson drive her away. Deedlit tells Parn that the Marmo are headed to Fire Dragon Mountain, where Kashue is going, and Parn rushes off to help, alongside Orson, Shiris and Deedlit.