Jord is a human hunter. He encountered Deedlit while he was hunting a rabbit in the Forest of No Return, when the rabbit fled in Deedlit's direction and saught protection from her. Jord is the first human encountered by Deedlit. He appears in Deedlit’s Tale.

Up until her encounter with Jord, the only thing she knew about humans were told to her by high elves in the Forest of No Return, which were more or less stories of men committing savage acts. When Jord explained that hunters too are "part of the forest", and that he explained that forests do not die when humans enter them, which Deedlit thought, but rather that humans try to keep the forest in balance and be careful in what animals they hunt for (no pregnant animals for example), Deedlit's opinion of humans somewhat changed.

Jord told Deedlit about his father, who disappeared fifteen years ago after hunting in the Forest of No Return. Apparently Jord's father knew which parts of the forest were still accessible to humans, and which were not, however, when his wife was suffering from a fatal disease, Jord's father carelessly rushed into the forest to hunt for "the legendary beast", the highest prize among hunters. With the money he hoped to be able to cure his wife, but having entered the forest so recklessly he became caught in the cursed parts of the forest. Jord wants to know why his father never returned that day.

Near the end of Deedlit's Tale Jord's father is spotted by Estas and Deedlit, and together they free him, allowing him to return to Jord after fifteen years.