Leif is a half-elf who appears in volume 2 of the manga series Deedlit's Tale. She accompanies Parn and Deedlit and a group of Zaxon villagers who are on the run from a Marmo attack. When the party is cornered near the Forest of No Return, Leif enters the forest with Deedlit, who wants to lift the curse so Parn and the group can safely pass through.


3049766-record of lodoss war - deedlits tale 006 (2001) pagecover

Leif on the cover of a Deedlit's Tale volume.

Being a half elf, Leif does not have the common traits of full elves, such as long blond hair and bluish eyes. Instead, Leif has brown hair and dark eyes. Her ears are not as long as those of full elves either, but about half their length.

Despite being persecuted her entire life, Leif comes across as happy and cheerful, often seen with a positive facial expression.

Like Deedlit and Estas, Leif wears green coloured clothing.


Leif is the child of an elven father and a human mother. When she was young her father taught her how to use spirits, while her mother taught her how to fight and use human weaponry such as a sword.

Throughout her entire life Leif has been persecuted. Neither elves, nor humans accepted her.


  • Not to be confused with the Chronicles of the Heroic Knight half-elf Leaf.