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Record of Lodoss War: Chronicles of the Heroic Knight (ロードス島戦記 英雄騎士伝, rōdosu-tō senki: eiyū kishiden) is an anime television series primarily based on the two-volume novel series Record of Lodoss War: The Holy Knights of Lodoss, as well as some parts of the novel Record of Lodoss War: The Kings’ Holy War. It was first aired in Japan on 1 April 1998, and the series' final episode was aired on 30 September in that same year. It is a sequel series to the OVA Record of Lodoss War from 1990.

At the end of each episode before the ending theme plays, a two and a half-minute short cartoon with chibi-style characters, "Welcome to Lodoss Island!" (ようこそロードス島へ! Yōkoso rōdosu tō e) plays. The artstyle of this cartoon is based off the manga of the same name.

At the end of the series, Ashram and his people leave to find new land. The movie Legend of Crystania: The Motion Picture can be considered a sequel to Ashram's story.


The first eight episodes of Chronicles of the Heroic Knight are based on the third and fourth novels about the conflict at Fire Dragon Mountain, which takes place five years after Ghim's death. Parn's new allies Orson and Shiris lead a party to Fire Dragon Mountain to hunt down the fire dragon Shooting Star who has been terrorizing the countries of Raiden and Flaim, while Ashram searches for the Scepter of Domination.

Episodes 9 through 27 follow the adventures of the knight-in-training Spark who hails from the desert kingdom of Flaim, and his journey to recover the Soul Crystal Ball and Staff of Life and protect Little Neese from being kidnapped, all three of which comprise the two keys and Doorway which the dark wizard Wagnard desires in order to resurrect Kardis, the Goddess of Destruction.

List of characters[]

Parn and Allies:

Spark and Allies:

Other Allies:


List of episodes[]

Episode # Title Release
1 The Free Knight... A New Legend Begins 1 April 1998
2 Dragon... The Guardian of the Lost History 8 April 1998
3 King... The Long Sought Hero 15 April 1998
4 Pirates... The Ship of Dark Ambitions 22 April 1998
5 Demon Sword... The Power to Crush Souls 29 April 1998
6 Heart... Tears Reborn 6 May 1998
7 Death... A Gentle Heart Bequeathed 13 May 1998
8 The Scepter of Domination... The Dream of a United Lodoss 20 May 1998
9 The Young Knight... Tested Strength 27 May 1998
10 Recovery... A Mission Assigned 3 June 1998
11 Light... A Girl Guided by the Gods 10 June 1998
12 Sallying Forth... Pursuing a Dark Shadow 17 June 1998
13 Nightmare... The Creeping Dark Power 24 June 1998
14 Doorway... The Truth Proclaimed 1 July 1998
15 An Old Enemy... Reunion with the Black Knight 8 July 1998
16 The Holy City... Pursuing a Clue 15 July 1998
17 Decision... An Option Compelled 22 July 1998
18 Mission... The Path One Follows 29 July 1998
19 Reunion... In a Distant War-torn Land 5 August 1998
20 Counterattack... The Stolen Last Hope 12 August 1998
21 A Vow... A Step Towards the Future 19 August 1998
22 Liberation... A Path Opened 26 August 1998
23 Landing... The Terrifying Dark Island 2 September 1998
24 The Witch... The One Who Maintains the Balance of Power 9 September 1998
25 Decision... The Black Knight's Option 16 September 1998
26 Destruction... The Evil God Released 23 September 1998
27 Hero... The Birth of a New Knight 30 September 1998