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Record of Lodoss War: Chronicles of the Heroic Knight is a manga adaptation of the two-part novel Record of Lodoss War: The Holy Knights of Lodoss. It was written by Ryo Mizuno and drawn by Masato Natsumoto. The manga was originally released in Japan in January 1998 by Kadokawa Shoten Publishing. Two re-releases were done in 1999 and 2004. An English version was released by CPM Manga in 2001. The series was adapted into an anime series in 1998.

Chronicles of the Heroic Knight is six volumes long. In this story Parn's role is diminished and the plot rather focusses on Spark and company's attempt to stop Kardis' resurrection at the hands of Wagnard.

Characters appearing[]

Tankōbon and chapters[]

Volume one[]

  1. A New Path to Knighthood
  2. A Dark Plan
  3. An Evil Trap
  4. An Iron Wall
  5. Impatience and Doubt

Volume two[]

  1. Melody of Light and Dark
  2. Melody of the Lady in White
  3. Things We Must Do To Survive
  4. Touched by a Merciful Heart
  5. The Spoils of Battle
  6. The One Standing in the Way
  7. The Dark Elf’s Name is Jiba

Volume three[]

  1. Laina’s Decision. Spark’s Decision
  2. Confronting Fate
  3. Approaching Darkness
  4. Because We’re Friends
  5. Acting As Spark
    Sidequest: Battle of the Mercenary King

Volume four[]

  1. The Story of the Dark Goddess
  2. Facing Another Destruction
  3. To The Sea
  4. Dark Evil Influence
  5. Stolen Light
  6. War of the Free Knight

Volume five[]

  1. The Cage
  2. Origins of the War
  3. For Whom
  4. Beginning of Darkness
  5. Sworn Friends Reunited
  6. Marmo, the Dark Island

Volume six[]

  1. A Roar from the Abyss
  2. The Final Battleground
  3. Chain Reaction
  4. The Resurrection
  5. Resurrection - First Night
  6. Another Neece
  7. Final Breath
  8. Resurrection - Second Night
  9. Final Episode Heroes!