Record of Lodoss War Wiki

Record of Lodoss War is a tactical role-playing videogame developed by Thinking Rabbit and released by Kadokawa Shoten for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System. It was released on 22 December 1995 in Japan, but never received a western release (though English fanmade patches are available online).

The game is split in four chapters that take place after the Demon Wars. The first three chapters focus on three of the Six Heroes, Karla, Beld and Fahn, and explains what they did in the 30 years between the Legend of Lodoss novels and the Record of Lodoss War novels. The final chapter retells the story of the first Record of Lodoss War novel and focusses on Parn and his group. Whereas the first three chapters seem to fit in well with the storyline from the novels, the final chapter has many inconsistencies with the novel and seems non-canon.


In the first chapter the player takes control of Karla, who awakens in her mansion in Lenoana Lake sometime after the defeat of the Demon King. She has lost her memory and much of her powers. In her mansion she finds a letter by Swan and Lion who wait for her in Dragon Flame, Moss. With no idea where else to go, Karla heads towards Dragon Flame. On her way there she learns of a surviving demon general of the Demon King's army, Grabador, and the old sage Wort who may have the power to restore her memory.

In the second chapter the player takes control of Beld, who has returned to Marmo following the Demon Wars. Beld is equipped with the Demon Sword “Soul Crusher”, which saps away some of his life every now and then. Unlike other playable characters, Beld's health does not recover when he rests at an inn, however he can absorb life from defeated enemies. Beld forms a group with Ash, a warrior who was exiled from Allan, and the dark priest Unbus, a servant of Shordel and sets out to unify the island.

The third chapter focusses on Fahn. In Roid, Valis, the king's health is rapidly declining but he has yet to name a successor. Fahn has become a respected figure following his success in the Demon Wars and some townsfolk suggest he should succeed the throne. Chancellor Deupa sends Fahn on a couple of missions outside Roid, including investigating a monster attack at Uzu village and the disappearance of Pegasus from his forest, but Tessius suspects the chancellor is trying to keep Fahn away from Roid.

In the fourth chapter the player takes control of Parn and his fellows. The game loosely follows The Grey Witch story arc, but with some notable differences. For example, when Beld orders Ashram to mop-up Kanon after Karla unleashed her magic on it, Ashram says he was hoping he could attack Alania instead so he could avenge his father, Ash. Beld grants Ashram's request, but unbeknownst to Ashram he also sends Wagnard. According to Wagnard because you "can't trust a boorish clod such as Ashram to carry out such a plan." The story of Neese releasing Bramd from his curse to protect the Mirror of Truth also takes place during this time-period (in canon it took place before the War of the Demon King). It is during this event that Parn, Etoh, Slayn and Ghim, who the former three encountered in White Dragon Mountain, meet up with Neese. With Neese's help the party tends to the people from Zaxon who were injured during the goblin attack. Following this Parn heads to Alania in hopes of becoming a knight so he can help stand up against the forces of Marmo.